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I am really a glutton for searching sites on the Internet.  I have many favorites but the Creative Language class is in my top five.  One of the things I like is the focus on production whether it is speaking or one of the other skills.  One area I am so fascinated with but yet haven’t tackled are learning stations.  There are some great links to help you put in to place learning stations.  My goal is to at least attempt two learning stations before the end of the year (there I have written it down, NOW I am committed to it!).  I think my students would benefit greatly from the experience. I have a wide variety of abilities within one level, by working with others this can help students with less developed skills.

My other fascination right now are task cards.  I really think in the L2 classroom a strategy like this could be very useful with students.  I am sure you can use this in a various settings; individually (recording themselves?) in pairs and groups (a checklist list that your partner or groupmates can sign/verify that you have completed the task).  I would think the possibilities are endless and not just related to speaking production.

Nowadays this is one of the aspects that makes teaching a language a wonderful experience.  There are so many sites with great resources and ideas to make the classroom come alive.  I try to provide some variety and novelty on a regular basis so my students don’t feel overwhelmed by grammar, grammar, grammar.  All of it has to be engaging, for the students as well as for you!


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